privacy policy

This website is solely possessed, owned and operated by Xperts Sol, where under all legal compliance; the company ensures complete security of all website visitors and customers. We take great care of the privacy of our customers and website visitors and take every step to ensure complete privacy of every individual who clicks this link.

The Privacy Policy mentioned on this page applies to all of our old and new customers as well as website visitors. We assume each website visitor to be in complete agreement with this policy.

Data Collection

For each website visitor, Xperts Sol collects certain data of which, some data is collected only if the user enters it while some of the data is collected by the website uninformed to the owner of that information. The information that is collected untold includes IP address, geographical location and the browser. This information helps us know the interest of each user and accordingly, track them or maintain cookies.

However, if a website visitor subscribes on the website, contacts us via email or call us up, we will collect the name or some other personally identifiable details. The contact details will automatically have been detected. All of this collected information is however not shared with any other party unless in certain situation, it is not unlawful to share it. We might use this information to lead surveys or make offers as per the interest but every receiver of such calls or emails can opt to unsubscribe.


Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers associated with the entire activity one has had on the website. These get stored into the computer because almost every browser accepts them but these can be removed manually from the browser’s properties. Cookies help in tracing the visited pages and keep a track of the activity on the website.


Xperts Sol tends to maintain contact with its subscribers as per the contact details provided. These details may include emails IDs, telephone numbers and home addresses etc. Contact would be maintained in order to keep subscribers up to date with the current offerings of Xperts Sol but one may choose to opt out of receiving these.

Third Parties

This website may or may not contain links to other websites. Xperts Sol takes no responsibility regarding their privacy policies and cannot ensure that their privacy polices even exist. Hence, every user will click and visit these links on their own risk.

The data may be shared with the third parties for certain important matters. However, complete security of the data will be ensured and no misuse is entertained with this data, in any way.


Security of Information

Xperts Sol has its own set of security measures which help in keeping all data transferred safe. These measures also include firewalls which not only work in ensuring the transfer of data safe but also keep the data handled within the work space, safe and sound.

Change of Privacy Policy

Please be informed that this Privacy Policy is subject to time and conditions and hence, may change intermittently. Whenever needed, Xperts Sol will be done the required changes to this policy but not inform anyone. It is therefore requested that every website visitor goes through it time by time to stay up to date and avoid any issues later.